A Time to be Given

A Time to be Given

Stone, Light and Prayer #4


These moments

Are not to be possessed

By the snapshots of those

Who arrive then quickly leave

It is a time to be given



A time to receive.


This cycle of poems was inspired by a visit to Tintern Abbey in Wales. Previous posts continue after the image.



The time was right

Light poured through

The emptiness of air

With a sun’s


This co-existence

Of history

And present will

So fair.


Tintern Abbey, Wales, August 2022


Black jackdaws scavenge

Where white monks prayed

With songs coarser

Than the psalms they made

Of silence, prayer

And the stones still speak

Of silence, prayer

The contemplation of God

Here, now, then and there.




Where prayer was always meant

For centuries

So silent now

So open now

To all God’s elements.



Tintern Abbey

2 thoughts on “A Time to be Given

    1. Thanks for your comment. It was a very special visit to this place, which I first read about when I was a teenager in a poem by William Wordsworth. I never knew then that I would be spending a few hours there one summer morning in contemplation and writing myself! Best wishes, Michael

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