Who and What is Flowering Poverello?

Thank you for visiting my site, which focuses on spirituality, on poetry, on inspiration.

Why “Poverello”?

To understand the name of my blog, you need to know that the “Poverello” was the nickname of St. Francis of Assisi (the “little poor man”), a man who explored spirituality, transcendence, compassion and the natural world.

Reading about St. Francis inspired me with an interest in spirituality, contemplation, nature and service to humanity. And my posts are largely inspired by these themes.

I most frequently post poetry, and one of my first poetry collections, based on stories about St. Francis, was called The Flowering of the Poverello. I have recently begun to make print copy of collections of my poetry available for purchase in order to raise funds for a local charity my family supports, called Shrewsbury Street Pastors. Please see the page dedicated to published poetry collections if you are interested in supporting this project.

I also post on appreciations of paintings, reflections on spirituality and on “inspirers”. These are writers from the past whose works have inspired me to think, to live and to write.

Why “Flowering“?

The life of St. Francis “flowered” in many ways.

Firstly in his life’s mission in Italy and around the world.  

Secondly in the Franciscan movement that he founded, and in the millions of people who have been inspired in the last 800 years around the world.

Thirdly in the classic text “The Little Flowers of St. Francis“, and the many other writings about him.  

Fourthly, for me, in my own mind after reading about him – he inspired some of the poems I wrote!

And maybe, fifthly, you may have been inspired, and so there has been something of a small flowering in your mind?

A Deeper Level

There is a deeper level, however, to both the “poverello” and to the “flowering” I have referred to.

St. Francis was inspired by another “poor man” – Jesus, his spirituality, life and teaching. And so, in a way, the life of Jesus “flowered” in the life of St. Francis.

And for Christians, Jesus is “the Son of God” – and so there is a link to God, to the “flowering” of the universe created by God, the “flowering” of divine life in the poor man Jesus, another “poverello”, whose life in turn flowered in the inspiration behind St. Francis, and all that I have written about above.

Other Blogs

I am employed in the world of education, and occasionally post @ fieldsofthemindeducation.wordpress.com .

And I am also interested in leadership, and again occasionally post on leadership themes @ fieldsofthemindblog.wordpress.com

The Image of The Poverello

The image below, which I use for this blog and for my Twitter account (FloweringPoverello@lapwingsongs), was painted by Giotto, and is of St. Francis of Assisi kneeling before a cross.  It was one of many life-changing moments for him.

My Prayer

My hope and my prayer is that you may encounter something of God through things I refer to in my writing, through the power of word, through the power of poetry, and through the power of image.

And may your life also be transformed.

Best wishes,