Lover of Souls


Do not be

Fooled by flattery


Nor blinded

By anger


Be fair and patient

Gentle, humble


Full of concern

A lover of souls.


Inspired by



Their Songs

He became a tree

            and his arms were branches

                        where birds would settle and sing

And their songs were of

            the fragrances of heaven

and their music

            was the taste of the banquet

                        that is shared throughoutall eternity.

from ‘The Flowering of the Poverello’



What is

The dark inscrutable



That reconciles


The elements

Of humankind?


Does science

Or religion


Solve the riddles

Of human time?


And what

After aeons of searching


Do we ultimately



Inspired by Wordsworth: “There is a dark / Inscrutable workmanship that reconciles…” (The Prelude, 1.340-341)

darkinscrutable WORDSWORTH