Walk the Way of Peace

For the mind

To be enlightened


And our feet

To walk


The way

Of peace


We pray

To the beginning


Of time

Of love


Of mystery

And of infinity.


Image by Sergio Casillas from Pixabay

By Infinity and Grace

We struggle

Without a structure


Our freedom

Lost in chaos


Not knowing

How to ascend



Our earthly ways


Until God’s breath

Lovingly descends


And changes us

So gradually


By infinity

And grace.


Inspired by https://alexandrianorthodoxy.com/2019/03/16/the-life-giving-blessing-genesis-and-the-eucharist/


Image by Yinan Chen from Pixabay

The Stepping Stones to Eternity

I came upon his words and set my mind to understanding how the world could teach me the mystery of God… steppingstones toeternity JTG1 I had heard of nature as the book of God But never had the notion rooted deep in my mind Now I was confronted by the words of a saint For whom this was a grace to be received A journey to God through the vestiges Of his glory in the living universe… gloryliving universe JTG1 So let us begin with the beginning The source of all from whom streams all Energy matter being all of creation allenergy JTG1 The Father of lights from whom is every good and perfect gift We pray to the Father the invisible one to enlighten our mind In the ways of peace which surpass all humankind We pray to the God of beginnings and the Father of all That from eternity somehow our understanding even if slowly perhaps imperceptibly As our eyes adjust gradually to the dawning light Will grow
We do not know who else may be praying for us at this time Perhaps many people perhaps no-one on earth But heaven may be inclining even now and whispering in the ear Remember Francis who greeted in peace Announced peace before all prayed in ecstasy for peace Following the man of peace we worship Whose honour was nailed to a post in spite of all the love and the healing he gave For Francis, grace came in a revelation of meaning of vision For me it is gleaned from these words in another tongue In the soaring of contemplation to be still silent attentive Pondering over and over to consider and take to heart a truth for today To escape the merely active life And dwell in imagination Allowing God to brush the spirit with the Spirit of Consolation His call is to pass beyond to peace Through the most ardent love of the crucified Like Paul who was raised to the highest heaven Yet nailed to the cross the heart of Christ beating within Francis bore the signs of the passion On his body in his soul For us to follow devote ourselves To the suffering saviour so spurned today In prayer I throw my heart at his feet And wonder why it must be this way Heaven is silent yet images of crucifixion linger in the mind I realise the hidden faith of love giving himself again and again Stretching out offering an open heart which is lashed by an evil world No other way has this man at the centre The crossroads the X that marks the new beginning The intersection of heaven and humanity Incarnation in a tortured death How strange yet how universal There are stages of illumination and they say We must very often return to our beginning as we grow our wings Like the seraph Francis saw who pierced his soul so tenderly There are stages of progression as we climb heavenwards in heart From creation to Creator from nature to nothing we can imagine And we enter by this door to find pasture and the tree of life It is by prayer that our desire is kindled Prayer and the mind turning intensely to God who is our light So the first call is to prayer and that through the crucified Christ For the spiritual life does not consist merely in study or meditation There must also be fervour and devotion wonder joy grace humility and love To any who are disposed to seek for grace in all humility To those with the desire for wisdom Who wish to glorify savour God These words are meant remembering that the soul herself Must first be cleansed if the eyes are to see Beyond the window of the world to look to God Exercise your heart in reading these things as well as your mind Take your time for these words are the stepping stones to eternity. This series of  poems were all inspired by the Prologue to “The Journey of the Mind to God” by St. Bonaventure.