Published Work

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Notes to Nouwen

‘Notes to Nouwen’ has just been published as an e-book. This collection contains 54 poems inspired by the writings of Henri Nouwn, on love, solitude, spirituality and God, and is available from the Lulu bookstore here.

Songs of the Risen Life

‘Songs of the Risen Life’ contains poems about moving from darkness, fear, confusion and doubt, to confidence, clarity and conviction, and may be purchased through this link.

The Calling

‘The Calling’ is about a journey. It originates simply ‘in the beginning’ before passing into darkness and then on to a mysterious, visionary ascent.

Hope is present throughout in the spiritual symbols of flame, night, wound, fountain and love.

Its destination is in the moments of illumination with which the collection ends.

First Words

from ‘First Words’

First Words explores questions about life, about time and relationships, youth and age, scepticism and belief, questions and faith. 

They are the poems of a searching spirituality, moving from uncertainty towards maturity, and contain some of the earliest poems that I wrote that I wished to preserve.

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From Warminster to Shillingstone

From Warminster to Shillingstone contains poems mainly written whilst I was living in these two beautiful, rural locations.  My enjoyment and appreciation of nature feature prominently but there is also a spiritual dimension as nature opens to the transcendent.        

Returning to the Father

These poems follow a journey from rebellion to realisation to reconciliation and returning to the Father.

Rembrandt’s famous painting of the parable of the Prodigal Son, Henri Nouwen’s book The Return of the Prodigal Son, and the parable itself have been important sources for this work, and readers are directed to those works for further inspiration.

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Songs of Gladness, Songs of Pain

Songs of Gladness, Songs of Pain is a modern rendering of twenty-nine different Psalms, ancient texts that speak of human struggle to understand and relate to God.

Like the Psalms, these poems seek to understand evil and violence in the world, searching for peace and meaning, searching for joy and gladness in the midst of pain.

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The Word, from a Young Man

The Word, from a Young Man is a journey from scepticism to faith. It contains a selection of poems from First Words and from From Warminster to Shillingstone. The poems explore spirituality, prayer, God and nature.

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