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Ascend the ladder

though the rungs are hidden from sight


and the garments of the soul

are likewise changed


as it rises invisibly

by faith on its journey


and as God envelopes all

in a cloud of loving darkness so bright.


Inspired by St. John of the Cross

Painting by William Blake (Jacob’s Ladder)


The Flowers and the Creatures Belong To Me


I am in God

And God is in me


And the flowers

And the creatures


And the trees

Belong to God


And also

To me


And heaven

And eternity.


Inspired by St. Mariam of Jesus Crucified, The Lily of Palestine, O.C.D. (1847-1848), accessed via https://mycarmel.blog/carmel-quotes/

“I am in God, and God is in me. I feel that all creatures, the trees, the flowers belong to God and also to me. I no longer have a will, it belongs to God. And all that is God´s is mine.”


A Meditation on Light

Light is the source of everything – light energy, positive energy.

Light can represent goodness, aspiration, transcendence – what we long for, what we may be at our best.

Light may also represent ethical and decisional guidance – which may come through reason, or through intuition, or perhaps by revelation.

Light is transformation. We not only see light, but we see differently according to the light that we see in. Light changes everything.

Light is hope.

Light is faith.

Light is love.

God is light.

‘Sun Setting Over a Lake’, Turner