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New Beings We Are Called To Become

New Beings We Are Called To Become

His honey words were spoken             in the different tongues of the earth  We each in our way             tasted the tonic                         that made our pulse quicken  Eager to know             the new beings                         we were called to become.  ~  Inspired by 'The Little Flowers of St. Francis' ~

My Soul’s Undreamt Of Face

. Books Hold mysteries . And in her words I found . A ground For hope . This castle Of the soul . So full Of light and grace . That I new discovered My soul’s undreamt of face. . This poem is about reading 'The Interior Castle' by St. Teresa of Avila . Photo … Continue reading My Soul’s Undreamt Of Face

Journey with Me

This is about inspiring writers whose words enable us to think more deeply and creatively... . These companions Journey with me  . Their words create My better thoughts . Rinsing my mind With the purer waters . Of words strained From their spirit's gift . Received in diviner hours Of contemplation. . Image by Anrita1705 … Continue reading Journey with Me