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Inspiring Paintings: In the Snow

There is something very wonderful about this painting, but it's hard to put your finger on it. In fact there are lots of very wonderful things! Firstly, the beautiful bird, soaring in the space between the foregrounds trees and the distant mountains. What depth it creates for us! What a sense of freedom! Under the … Continue reading Inspiring Paintings: In the Snow

Inspiring Winter Art – Fun and Freedom!

Snow has arrived in the UK, and I have discovered a new artist - Hendrick Avercamp. He was both deaf and mute, and this is one of his delightful winter scenes. It seems to be an innocent world of happiness where people share and enjoy the childlike sense of wonder and sensation at the way … Continue reading Inspiring Winter Art – Fun and Freedom!

Inspiring Poems – “What this night is long”

~ In summer It is delightful ~ To hear The birds’ song ~ But now Comes nightfall ~ Winter lingers And how this night is long. ~ Adapted from this medieval poem: "Mirie it is, while sumer ilast,With fugheles song.Oc nu necheth windes blastAnd weder strong.Ey! Ey! What this night is long!And ich, with well … Continue reading Inspiring Poems – “What this night is long”