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In Contemplation

~ To wait In the presence . Of God For the consolation . Of the angels Offered now . Through Contemplation. . from a sequence inspired by Andrei Rublev's icon, "The Holy Trinity", and by Henri Nouwen's essay on the icon in "Behold the Beauty of the Lord" . Andrei Rublev, "The Holy Trinity"

Illuminate the Darkness

~ This is another poem from my collection "In Times of Crisis", written during lockdown . Again I wait for the dawn . It is like waiting For the good news . To arrive Each day in its brightness . And illuminate the world My soul in its darkness. . Image by Albrecht Fietz from … Continue reading Illuminate the Darkness

Desiring to Bless

 Always desiring to bless             the arms once memorably . Spread in pain             wait to rest . And bleed love             that will soak the spirit . Dye in new colours             the garments of life. . from 'Returning to the Father', a sequence inspired by Henri Nouwen's book about Rembrandt's painting of Jesus' … Continue reading Desiring to Bless