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Love Guides

Love has been

Before the beginning of time


Love brings

To birth


Love creates

And guides


The creative

Journeys of life.


Image by nickyduplessis28 from Pixabay

Eyes, Old Eyes

This was one of the first poems I ever wrote that I still think is worth preserving. It was written whilst I was still a teenager, as will be apparent, and is the first poem in my collection “First Words”.

Eyes, old eyes

those gazing, fading places

whose curving surface is disturbed


Reflections, places

fading faces

pass in waves…

[continues after image]


I do not want skin

wrinkled thin

shrivelled on me

while I am still empty


Fill me with memories!


The old will pass and fall so full

closed up with theirs

disappear in death

and die their time


But they too looked up

at old eyes gazing

threads back into history


Do I leap my life from day to day

and trail that thread

like life spinning ribbon red

from me?


Or snagged and shackled

trailing chains of ancestry?


Even now I hear you

the toddling, tottering thunder

who will burst from me

who will one day recede.

toddling tottering