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The Soul is a Garden

The Soul is a Garden

The soul Is a garden And you must uproot The weeds That cling To your saving thoughts Dig deep the space for the seeds of grace To be sown Root and grow Sunned by the spirit Watered by prayer Breathing in the beauty Of love's air. Inspired by the writings of St. Catherine of Siena … Continue reading The Soul is a Garden

Journey with Me

This is about inspiring writers whose words enable us to think more deeply and creatively... . These companions Journey with me  . Their words create My better thoughts . Rinsing my mind With the purer waters . Of words strained From their spirit's gift . Received in diviner hours Of contemplation. . Image by Anrita1705 … Continue reading Journey with Me

Listening for the Stillness

Listening For the stillness . What Do you hear? . Go deeper Than thoughts . Of the Mind . To the quietness Of a universe . Still being Created . God’s force Explosive . And silent And kind. . Inspired byhttps://www.patheos.com/blogs/strategicmonk/2019/02/05/listening-to-sacred-stillness-the-language-of-stillness/

Spiritual Reflection: Sense Contains Never More Than Half the Answers

On the spiritual way, we do not find answers to every question.  Sense never seems to contain more than half of the answers.  Much we have to accept without necessarily understanding why. This does not  mean that asking questions is wrong.  It is not.  It is the most natural of things for us to do … Continue reading Spiritual Reflection: Sense Contains Never More Than Half the Answers