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Inspiring Poems: “By a sunbeam I will climb…”

I love the way this poem begins with the way every day of our life begins: with the opening of our eyes... . I cannot ope mine eyes, But thou art ready there to catch My morning-soul and sacrifice: Then we must needs for that day make a match. . This poem, by George Herbert, … Continue reading Inspiring Poems: “By a sunbeam I will climb…”

Inspiring Poetry – “I loved the sun”

These beautiful lines come from Book II of "The Prelude": I beganTo love the sun, a Boy I lov'd the sun,Not as I since have lov'd him, as a pledgeAnd surety of our earthly life, a lightWhich while we view we feel we are alive;But, for this cause, that I had seen him layHis beauty … Continue reading Inspiring Poetry – “I loved the sun”