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The Progress of the Soul

The Progress of the Soul

. A sceptical mind was all I could find as I peered inside at my own desolation . All that I’d found was the sound of my thinking my good thoughts retreating . And all the stress Of all my feeling . Then turning the pages of a book I read words that hit me … Continue reading The Progress of the Soul

Spiritual Reflection – God is Love

Perhaps never have three words said so much so profoundly: "God is love" This has become a guideline I use on the 2nd day of each month as I have developed a "rule of life", which I liken to a trellis to support the full flourishing of a climbing plant. Without it, the plant may … Continue reading Spiritual Reflection – God is Love

Inspiring Psalms (24) – Love is our end

. What do we build If we do not build upon God? . If we do not watch and wait for God What are we watching and waiting for? . We work and work Too much and too hard . If we do not work In the will of the Lord . And our families … Continue reading Inspiring Psalms (24) – Love is our end