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Beyond the Planets

Beyond the Planets

. Beyond the planets are those who have seen . More of horror and distress than you are able to imagine - . Each year the lightness flickers from solstice to solstice . And we plough on determined in each our separate furrows . Driven by the desire for completion this time. . Does God … Continue reading Beyond the Planets

Inspiring Poems : “Joy of my life…” by Henry Vaughan

Joy of my life while left me here !              And still my Love ! How in thy absence thou dost steer              Me from above !              A life well led              This truth commends,              With quick or dead              It never ends. Stars are of mighty use ; the night              Is dark, and long ; The road foul ; … Continue reading Inspiring Poems : “Joy of my life…” by Henry Vaughan

Strange and Unpredictable

Look up at the stars! Creation is more infinite . Than you are capable Of knowing . God’s plans more strange And unpredictable . Than the strongest Of institutions . Who would leave His homeland . Called to divine Conversation             . Take his own son To death . Saved by loving Intervention. . Inspired … Continue reading Strange and Unpredictable