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My Genesis

God made both spirit

And body


The inner

And outer soul


God knew me

In the womb


Calling from darkness

To light


And that was

My genesis


The beginning

Of my personal world.


Image by Eric Michelat from Pixabay

My Spirit Drinks Deep

Another phrase

Finds me out


Just a few

Words are enough


For thought

To be inspired


And my spirit

Drinks deep


From the waters

Of life


That never

Run dry.


Inspired by Psalm 1, this poem comes from “Songs of Gladness, Songs of Pain”,  a modern rendering of twenty-nine different Psalms, ancient texts that speak of human struggle to understand and relate to God.

Like the Psalms, these poems seek to understand evil and violence in the world, searching for peace and meaning, searching for joy and gladness in the midst of pain.

I contribute £2 (GBP) to Street Pastors, Shrewsbury, from each sale.

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The Flowering

The tree spread its branches

            over all the world

                        and its fruit glowed like all souls


And the chalice of the spirit of life

            was taken by angels

for those to drink

            transforming them

                        so they shine like the sun


And when the whirlwind came

            those who had refused

were shown to be spirits

            resembling devils

                        scuttling away into the darkness


Whilst others became golden            

the flowering of the glory of grace.


Image by Ilona Ilyés from Pixabay