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My Genesis

God made both spirit

And body


The inner

And outer soul


God knew me

In the womb


Calling from darkness

To light


And that was

My genesis


The beginning

Of my personal world.


Image by Eric Michelat from Pixabay

Inspirers: Henri Nouwen – “Return of the Prodigal Son” (2)

Henri Nouwen has inspired me in so many ways that each book of his deserves its own mention!

“Return of the Prodigal Son” is a wonderful book that inspired a whole collection I wrote, called “Returning to the Father”.


Again and again

I have fled the hands of blessing


Made myself deaf

to the voice of love


Hardened my heart

to the close call of conscience


All this in the hope

I would find somewhere else


What I lacked

In the home


Of the soul

Safe in God.


soulsafe RTF

Rembrandt’s painting of “The Return of the Prodigal Son” is at the heart of Henri Nouwen’s book.  It is an amazing painting that deserves repeated viewing.  And Nouwen wonderfully interweaves meditations on Rembrandt’s life, his own life and on the spiritual journey.

I love the way Nouwen harnesses the insights of modern psychology alongside his deep perception and experience of spirituality.  The parable of “The Prodigal Son” of course runs all through the book, and Nouwen wonderfully elaborates on how the spiritual journey can involve rebellion, lostness and despair, as well as progress, homecoming and love.


I am on my way home

feeling the nearness of love

I have left the distant country

and am travelling

My feet keeping step

with the beating of my heart

As I journey

to the heart of the father.

journeyheart RTF

They have already lived and died

They have already lived and died

               who made our past


Or else they’re lost

               in mist through which we cannot peer


I search for them

               I read their ways


Reclining here

               turning the pages of a book


I look for the life

               and the thoughts that shook

                              their souls to their foundations


Their voices reach me

               convert my ways


And suddenly I’m changed

               by all they thought and did


All stored up, now

               stored and ready

                              waiting to be released.


Life Steps Forward

Enter by mystery

Not problems to be solved


But gracious portals

Places for the soul


To journey through

Understanding more


Their beauty

Their power to heal


As life steps forward

From grace to grace.


Inspired by https://alexandrianorthodoxy.com/2019/08/08/the-trinitarian-foundation-of-creation-and-salvation/


Image by Stephanie Bertot-Molion from Pixabay

Life’s Transformation


In a different way


Not a rush

Through the surface meaning


But a leaning

Into the significance


Of a every word

An entering


Into the world

You had never heard


That now provides

An invitation


To yours

And every soul





Image by Murat Demirel from Pixabay