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My Soul Has Wings

My Soul Has Wings

I am not yet born I haven’t had ~ A single thought My eyes ~ Stare at darkness And know nothing ~ About the sky That’s waiting ~ Or the millions Of birds in the trees ~ I do not even know That my soul has wings. ~ I have recently discovered the poetry of … Continue reading My Soul Has Wings

‘From Warminster to Shillingstone’

Some of the recent poems I have been posting have come from a collection entitled 'From Warminster to Shillingstone', which is available here. It contains poems mainly written whilst I was living in these two beautiful, rural locations.  My enjoyment and appreciation of nature feature prominently but there is also a spiritual dimension as nature … Continue reading ‘From Warminster to Shillingstone’

A Storied Universe

We live In a storied universe . Where each birdsong Is a love-tale . From courtship To nest . Each cloud That drifts by . The deepest blue Of the sky . We live In a storied universe . Our journey To learn . Narratives Both the low . And The high. . Image by … Continue reading A Storied Universe