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Roots of Wonder

Roots of Wonder

Do not forget Your roots that reach Back into the silence From where you began In warmth and darkness And even before Into that time That was When you were not ~ Explore The mystery That opens When you allow yourself To think and feel For real ~ And meditate And wonder In silence.

Discovering the Surprising Shoots of Light

 . Clear paths Are quite rare  . But with the advent Of the dark season .  I began Again .  Through A tangled wood .  In the middle Years of life .  Stumbling On forgotten roots .  Discovering The surprising shoots .  Of light New hope . When all around Had seemed so bleak . … Continue reading Discovering the Surprising Shoots of Light

Featured blog: Daryl Madden

Daryl Madden is another poet/blogger whose work I enjoy, and whose writing has sometimes inspired my own work. I am sharing this poem for you to enjoy. I was especially taken by the final verse: . Let roots of faith Grow deep this day In deserts rain Through shades of gray. . Here is the whole … Continue reading Featured blog: Daryl Madden