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Questions of the Soul

. What is The dark inscrutable . Workmanship That reconciles . The elements Of humankind? .  Does science Or religion  . Solve the riddles Of human time? .  And what After aeons of searching . Do we ultimately Find? . Inspired by Wordsworth: "There is a dark / Inscrutable workmanship that reconciles..." (The Prelude, 1.340-341)

Spirituality, Wellbeing, Ethics

Spirituality, Wellbeing, Ethics

I sense a hunger for spirituality today.  It is a hunger I share. But I also sense a disconnect between spirituality and ethics; and between both of these and institutions. A concern for spirituality can be part of a broader concern for our wellbeing.  We are emotional as well as physical; life has spiritual as … Continue reading Spirituality, Wellbeing, Ethics

I Will Not Be Afraid

  In God Do I trust   I will not Be afraid   Though many thoughts Encamp within me   Attacking me With cruel words   In God Do I trust   I will not Be afraid   Though the darkness Threatens to engulf me   Though enemies Rise up against me   In God … Continue reading I Will Not Be Afraid

Spiritual Reflection: What is Spirituality?

  There is ethics, there is philosophy, there is psychology, there is religion...and then there is spirituality! What is spirituality, then? To start with, I wouldn’t want to be too specific about spirituality.  I think that would be a mistake. Perhaps one way of thinking about spirituality is as a series of overlapping circles, but … Continue reading Spiritual Reflection: What is Spirituality?