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The Stones Still Speak

The Stones Still Speak

Stone, Light and Prayer #2 ~ Black jackdaws scavenge Where white monks prayed With songs coarser Than the psalms they made And the stones still speak Of silence, prayer The contemplation of God Here, now, then and there. ~ This cycle of poems was inspired by a visit to Tintern Abbey in Wales. Previous posts … Continue reading The Stones Still Speak

Inspiring Psalms (34) – May I See Many Wonderful Things

. God is good So we live . Now open my eyes So may I see many wonderful things . Do not hide Your glory from me . And rebuke me When I cease to be humble . For I will meditate On what you have done . You have been so good to me … Continue reading Inspiring Psalms (34) – May I See Many Wonderful Things

Inspiring Psalms (33) – The Purest Way

. Who stays On the purest way . Or seeks you always With their heart? . Who does not stray And wander from the way . And lose their way From the start? . Praise your way And let me stay . Closer Let us never part. . adapted from Psalm 119.9-16 . Image by … Continue reading Inspiring Psalms (33) – The Purest Way

Inspiring Psalms (32) – Praise Your Ways

. Whose ways Are blameless? . Who walks always According to God's ways? . Who seeks With all their heart . For the universal Meaning? . If I could be So steadfast . Then I would not feel Put to shame . When I consider The goodness . That has been foreknown Since the beginning … Continue reading Inspiring Psalms (32) – Praise Your Ways

Spiritual Reflection – Stars, Kingfishers, Dragonflies and the Personal Touch…

He heals the brokenhearted    and binds up their wounds.He determines the number of the stars    and calls them each by name.from Psalm 147 I am not a scientist but astronomers do seem to know quite a lot about stars. We have access to the most amazing images today - like this, of the "lobster nebula": But no … Continue reading Spiritual Reflection – Stars, Kingfishers, Dragonflies and the Personal Touch…

Inspiring Psalms (30) – Towards Your Destiny

. My eyes are raised To the hills . Seeking help Yet deliverance comes . From God Who is beyond all summits . Who made All mountains . Who made The heavens . The sun And the moon . Who never sleeps Who watches . Your hands and your mind In mystery . Your becoming … Continue reading Inspiring Psalms (30) – Towards Your Destiny