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Spiritual Reflection – To Know the Power of Love

Spiritual Reflection – To Know the Power of Love

What would it feel like to know you were fully and totally loved? Some of us think of romantic love in this way. We think of a special person we can love fully, and who will fully love us. This painting is about love, though you might not think so at first. "Baptism of Christ', … Continue reading Spiritual Reflection – To Know the Power of Love

Another Realm of Beauty

Look for the angels on the left-hand side of this beautiful painting (it's easy not to notice they have wings at a first glance) . The angels Amazed . Hold hands In glee . Their rainbowed wings Speak . Of another realm Of beauty . And we too May be cleansed . By this grace … Continue reading Another Realm of Beauty

Wash Away the Original Wound

This painting has inspired me again and again. This piece meditates on the voice, described in the Gospel accounts, which accompanies the baptism of Christ - "This is my beloved son". . Wash away The original wound . By the sound Of your voice . And the grace Of your love . Descending slowly Now … Continue reading Wash Away the Original Wound

That Moment

Focusing again on what seems at first to be a cloud over the head of Christ in Piero della Francesca's painting, but is actually the shape of a dove with wings outspread, the symbol of the spirit... . That moment Of blessing . When there is Spirit touching . Your spirit And the heavens . … Continue reading That Moment

Reflecting the Light of Heaven

Icons often have a gold background. Piero Dells Francesca's painting seems to be bathed in a brightness that reflects off the bodies of the angels on the left, Jesus and the man removing his shirt behind Jesus... . His body reflects The light of heaven . Warmly As gold . Rains down In a shower … Continue reading Reflecting the Light of Heaven

Casting Off The Clothes Of Culture

In the middle background, behind the figure of Christ, is man taking off his shirt, ready to be baptised. This poem in the sequence on this painting focuses on how we also might "cast off the clothes of our culture"... . May we like him cast off the clothes of our culture . And in … Continue reading Casting Off The Clothes Of Culture