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Inspiring Paintings: Much Very Ordinary in the Spiritual Way

There is much

That is very ordinary

In the spiritual way








And love


May guard

Your soul

Each day.


“Christ in the House of His Parents” by John Millais is an ordinary scene but one packed with symbolism of a wound, of a bowl of water, of sheep in the background

Inspiring Poem from a Featured Blog – "Annunciation" by John Donne — Malcolm Guite's blog

The poem I have chosen for December 3rd in my Advent Anthology from Canterbury Press Waiting on the Word, is The Annunciation by John Donne, and once again it is accompanied by a beautiful illustration from the book of responses to these poems by Linda Richardson. She writes: The imagery of The Annunciation is richly grounded in our […]

Annunciation by John Donne — Malcolm Guite

Inspiring Paintings – Waiting Like Light


And waiting like light


For the heart’s darkness

To be dispelled


By the dawn

For eyes


That have known

Only blindness


To recover

New sight


For life to be opened

To goodness and right.


“The Light of the World”, Holman Hunt



With the heart’s

Natural home



Of the soul’s



To one beyond

All earthly fatherhood


Whose love

Also reaches





Inspired by this moment in the life of St. Francis of Assisi (below), captured so powerfully by the painter Giotto, where Francis renounces “all worldly goods”, including his own father, and devotes himself entirely to his “heavenly father” (see the symbol of the hand at the top of the painting, representing God)…

“St. Francis Renounces All Worldly Goods”, Giotto