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Inspirers: St. John of the Cross

This is one of the most amazing diagrams I have ever come across…

mount carmel

St. John was a poet and an artist as well a great spiritual teacher, and I love this mysterious diagram he drew to illustrate “Mount Carmel”.

The middle section near the bottom has the words “nothing nothing nothing….”, which inspired this short poem…

Nothing, nothing, nothing

on the way

Yet on the summit

a clear cloud of light.

summitcloud SFS

A better-known concept that St. John of the Cross wrote about is “the dark night of the soul”. He wanted people to realise that spiritual growth does not occur just through ecstatic experiences. It is not just joy and happiness that leads us to God. The mountaintop is a fantastic place to be – but our journey goes beyond into darkness and the unknown, where we have to lose our way to find our way. This is sometimes called “apophatic” thinking, or the “via negativa” (negative way).


I began in darkness with no guide but faith

and I longed for the love of God

I started to break from my habits of being

and my feeble capacity for love

I rejoiced in the blessed moments of peace

that came upon my soul

And now, in moments of clearness,

I see visions

The drives and the desires of my soul are being transformed

by the drives and the desires of God

I started my journey in darkness

now I travel in the dawning light

May I end in that brightness

where God shall be both day and night.

brightness endDL1

The poet R.S. Thomas wrote a poem with the title “Via Negativa” and you can read it here.

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Maybe he will inspire you?