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Inspiring Paintings: Contemplating the Moon

Contemplating The moon . As if she knew The answer . To all The days . That plunge The soul . In Darkness . Yet the softness Of her light . Nightly Reassures . “I know I know . I know The answer . To your Pain.” . 'Two Men Contemplating the Moon', Friedrich


The soft light Of the moon . Accompanies My way . As I pace The darkness . So little Is clearly to be seen . So many steps Are made . In the faith That the path . I choose Really leads . Me safe From unhappiness . And closer each day To blessedness. . … Continue reading Closer

Through Mist and Night

Where do you find Your travelling light? . Is it The trembling of stars . Or the bright blessing Of moon? . Is it the candle Extinguished so soon? . Rarely Is all clearly . Seen As in blazing noon . So as we journey Through mist and night . We seek more deeply For … Continue reading Through Mist and Night