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Beyond the Planets

Beyond the Planets

. Beyond the planets are those who have seen . More of horror and distress than you are able to imagine - . Each year the lightness flickers from solstice to solstice . And we plough on determined in each our separate furrows . Driven by the desire for completion this time. . Does God … Continue reading Beyond the Planets

How Can I Show You Perfection?

. How can I show you             perfection . In my words             or in my life? . It is beyond             my ability. . All I can do             is gesture . Towards the greater             goodness . That waits in God             with mercy . Love omnipotence . And             mystery. .

Inspiring Psalms (21) – I cry from the depths

. I cry Form the depths . O God Hear my voice . Listen to my cry For mercy . If you recorded All my sins . What hope Would there be? . But with you There is forgiveness . I wait for God My whole being . More than for the morning In God … Continue reading Inspiring Psalms (21) – I cry from the depths