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The Stepping Stones to Eternity

The Stepping Stones to Eternity

I came upon his words and set my mind to understanding . how the world could teach me the mystery of God . . I had heard of nature as the book of God . But never had the notion rooted deep in my mind . Now I was confronted by the words of a … Continue reading The Stepping Stones to Eternity

Contemplative Spirituality

What is contemplative spirituality? It’s similar to meditation.  It can involve silence.  It involves stillness and waiting. It is about the inner world but also the world around us. It is also about what can’t be seen. I first learnt about contemplative spirituality from reading The Interior Castle by St. Teresa of Avila.  The describes … Continue reading Contemplative Spirituality

Reflections on The Poverello (6): Outdoor Spirituality

One of the exciting things about Franciscan spirituality is that it is an outdoors spirituality! “Bernard was in a wood totally lost in divine contemplation and united with God…Saint Francis reached the wood and called Brother Bernard…But Brother Bernard, since he was a man of deep contemplation, and at the moment joined in spirit with … Continue reading Reflections on The Poverello (6): Outdoor Spirituality