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A Meditation on Light

Light is the source of everything – light energy, positive energy.

Light can represent goodness, aspiration, transcendence – what we long for, what we may be at our best.

Light may also represent ethical and decisional guidance – which may come through reason, or through intuition, or perhaps by revelation.

Light is transformation. We not only see light, but we see differently according to the light that we see in. Light changes everything.

Light is hope.

Light is faith.

Light is love.

God is light.

‘Sun Setting Over a Lake’, Turner

Inspiring Art by Van Gogh

Van Gogh died on this day in 1890. This poem was inspired by his painting of The Good Samaritan. Look for the two priests who have walked by on the left-hand side and the amazing colours of this beautiful painting.



Is my neighbour?


It is the one

Who can do nothing


The one

Wholly other


In mind

And tongue


It is the one

Who is utterly in need


And there

I find my neighbour


“The Good Samaritan” – Van Gogh