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Logos Therapy (5) – The Human Spirit

“Logos therapy” is a phrase I have developed by exploring how the ideas of Victor Frankl (“logotherapy”) and spirituality (“logos”) could be combined. In Understanding Man’s Search for Meaning, Elizabeth Lukas, a follower of Frankl’s, writes: “human beings are  more than mere victims of their pasts or  mere results of their learning”p.1 She goes on: … Continue reading Logos Therapy (5) – The Human Spirit

Logos Therapy (4) – Loved and Beloved

Perhaps none of us has the experience of always feeling unconditionally loved all the time – but if there is anything in the concept of logos therapy – a combination of the role of meaning and of Christocentric spirituality – then love is going to play an important part.  It in the Christian New Testament … Continue reading Logos Therapy (4) – Loved and Beloved

Logos Therapy (3) – Created Spiritual Beings

Logos Therapy is about discovering a healing meaning to life through the "logos", or meaning, of life. In Christian spirituality, the "logos" means Christ. Life has a meaning because life is created - think of that wonderful image created by Michelangelo: Life has a source, a spiritual origin, beyond the physical origin of our birth … Continue reading Logos Therapy (3) – Created Spiritual Beings

Logos Therapy (2) – Why does life have a meaning?

Logos Therapy (2) – Why does life have a meaning?

Why does life have a meaning? Victor Frankl's "logotherapy" sought to help people discover meaning and purpose in their lives as way of helping them to re-discover their mental and emotional health. As Elizabeth Lukas wrote: The idea of Logos Therapy, however, goes further, and seeks the spiritual purpose behind life in Christian spirituality. Created … Continue reading Logos Therapy (2) – Why does life have a meaning?