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Contemplation Gives Birth to Charity

~ Contemplation gives birth To charity ~ So let us contemplate This holy mystery ~ Of a babe In a manger ~ Not just For the predictable human feelings ~ Of warmth And protectiveness ~ But also For the world vision ~ Of the man He will become ~ In divine Compassionate humanity. ~ 'Nativity', … Continue reading Contemplation Gives Birth to Charity

Spiritual Reflection – I arise and The Lorica of St. Patrick (1)

This is the first in a series on "The Lorica of St. Patrick" (a "lorica" is aprotection prayer) , known as "The Deer's Cry" or "St. Patrick's Breastplate". It's a prayer that could be used in the morning, as it begins simply: I arise More than that, the "arising" is through a mighty strength What … Continue reading Spiritual Reflection – I arise and The Lorica of St. Patrick (1)

Spiritual Reflection – Created

A rule of life is like a reminder of what life is all about. Many of us have been wondering what life is all about at the moment. Life has been thrown up in the air, put on hold, challenged, shown to be fragile, interruptable, easy to lose. How do you make sense of life … Continue reading Spiritual Reflection – Created

Humanity So Lowly

I live in Shropshire, in the UK. At Wroxeter is the remains of an ancient Roman city. The Wrekin, Caer Caradoc and The Lawley are all names of hills visible from the ruins. . Where Wroxeter stands I imagine Roman men . Under the eye of God And of the Wrekin . And Care Caradoc … Continue reading Humanity So Lowly