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A Meditation on Light

Light is the source of everything – light energy, positive energy.

Light can represent goodness, aspiration, transcendence – what we long for, what we may be at our best.

Light may also represent ethical and decisional guidance – which may come through reason, or through intuition, or perhaps by revelation.

Light is transformation. We not only see light, but we see differently according to the light that we see in. Light changes everything.

Light is hope.

Light is faith.

Light is love.

God is light.

‘Sun Setting Over a Lake’, Turner

My Soul’s Undreamt Of Face



Hold mysteries


And in her words

I found


A ground

For hope


This castle

Of the soul


So full

Of light and grace


That I new discovered

My soul’s undreamt of face.


This poem is about reading ‘The Interior Castle’ by St. Teresa of Avila


Photo by Vishal Shah from Pexels

“The light comes in the morning” – celebrating the Summer Solstice 2020


The light comes

in the morning



a new creation


As the darkness



And we see

all that is good –



living things


Have their moment

of hope


Reaching high

into heaven


And we

like them


Feel the green shoots

bursting within


Budding into

new blooms of light.


green shoots within

30 days spiritually wild – Inspiring Poems – “The Lesser Celandine”

Continuing with Theme 4 of this June focus on the natural world – The earth, the sea and plant lifethis post celebrates a poem by William Wordsworth on a small but significant flower…

Wordsworth celebrates this often overlooked beauty:

There is a Flower, the Lesser Celandine,
That shrinks, like many more, from cold and rain;
And, the first moment that the sun may shine,
Bright as the sun himself, ’tis out again!

He develops his meditation on the lesser celandine into a moral about ageing, strangely enough!

I stopped, and said, with inly-muttered voice,
“It doth not love the shower, nor seek the cold:
This neither is its courage nor its choice,
But its necessity in being old.

“The sunshine may not cheer it, nor the dew;
It cannot help itself in its decay;
Stiff in its members, withered, changed of hue.”
And, in my spleen, I smiled that it was grey.

To be a Prodigal’s Favourite -then, worse truth,
A Miser’s Pensioner -behold our lot!
O Man, that from thy fair and shining youth
Age might but take the things Youth needed not!

The celandine does not bring to mind ageing for me, though I do like the way Wordsworth sees such a fragile beauty as this small flower as a symbol of endurance!

For me the celandine represents the hope of new life. Which in a way it does for Wordsworth, too.

A small and often unnoticed beauty.

Are you trying to notice small beauties in the natural world around you in the month of June?