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To Be Just There

To Be Just There

Rainer Maria Rilke died 29th December 1875. This poem was inspired by one of his... . As if God lived . Next door Frequently troubled . By our urgent Cries . And when we listen sometimes We may catch . His silent breaths Sighing on the wind . The walls Are so thin . Dividing … Continue reading To Be Just There

Spiritual Reflection – Contemplation (3) – Benedictine Contemplation

I am not a monk but I am very interested in spiritual traditions handed down through monastic orders. And contemplation is one of these! My first two posts on contemplation have considered the way we naturally contemplate beauty and awe-inspiring sights: Caspar David Friedrich - "Two Men Contemplating the Moon" Turn to a Benedictine writer … Continue reading Spiritual Reflection – Contemplation (3) – Benedictine Contemplation

Spiritual Reflection – Contemplation (2) – Why?

What should we contemplate? My first post on contemplation used images of sunsets, as a familiar example of times when many of us quite naturally stop, are silent, and look for a few moments of mindfulness. If we wanted to make contemplation part of life, then choosing only sunsets would be a bit limiting! We … Continue reading Spiritual Reflection – Contemplation (2) – Why?