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Spiritual Reflection – To Know the Power of Love

Spiritual Reflection – To Know the Power of Love

What would it feel like to know you were fully and totally loved? Some of us think of romantic love in this way. We think of a special person we can love fully, and who will fully love us. This painting is about love, though you might not think so at first. "Baptism of Christ', … Continue reading Spiritual Reflection – To Know the Power of Love

I arise (2) – Belovedness

This series of posts was insired by The Lorica of St. Patrick, a long prayer of protection that has inspired millions down through the centuries. It beings with such inspiration, repeating the phrase "I arise" - perfect as we rise, and the sun rises, for the start of each new day. The line this post … Continue reading I arise (2) – Belovedness

That Moment

Focusing again on what seems at first to be a cloud over the head of Christ in Piero della Francesca's painting, but is actually the shape of a dove with wings outspread, the symbol of the spirit... . That moment Of blessing . When there is Spirit touching . Your spirit And the heavens . … Continue reading That Moment

A Month of Inspirers (3) – Icons

Icons can be understood as portals or doorways to deeper realities.  We are not meant to just like the colours, the shapes, the composition, the thoughts or the stories that come to mind. By extension, many paintings (and other works of art) also point beyond themselves, and help us on our spiritual way. This is … Continue reading A Month of Inspirers (3) – Icons

Inspiring Paintings: “The Baptism of Christ”, Piero Della Francesca

Piero's painting hangs in the National Gallery in London: There is a beauty to the stillness of the figures, to the depth of this vision of heaven-on-earth, to the beautiful colours (look at the rainbow effect of the angel's wing on the left-hand side, for example). It is the moment when Jesus hears the words … Continue reading Inspiring Paintings: “The Baptism of Christ”, Piero Della Francesca

The Spirituality of Gratitude

One of my favourite paintings is this: "Baptism of Christ", Piero Della Francesca It is of the baptism of Jesus, and the dove hovering over his head (it looks rather like a cloud!) is a symbol of blessing, as well as of the Holy Spirit.  In the Gospel versions of this event, there is a … Continue reading The Spirituality of Gratitude