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Live in Life

God is existence

In eternity


And to live

In God’s way


Is to live in life

And to know


That love

That surpasses


All understanding

In vitality.


Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

There is an End

There is an end

to the silent wailing of the heart


The anxious furrow of the mind

stretches not to eternity


And as night is succeeded by day

so the weight of your world


Will drift joyfully,

imperceptibly away.


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Love and Power

From where

Do you draw


Your strength

As from


A well

Of living water?


There is the

Natural strength


Of breathing

And being


There is the strength

Of purpose


There is the encouragement

Of others


Who cheer

The soul


And there is

The spirit’s



To divinity


To love

And power



From eternity.


Image by Joanjo Puertos Muñoz from Pixabay

Inspirers: St. Bonaventure

You may or may not know this beautiful painting by William Blake:


…or this older icon…


They both take up a very ancient idea that goes back over thousands of years.

He saw a stairway resting on the earth, with its top reaching to heaven, and the angels of God were ascending and descending on it” is another version (Jacob’s dream, from The Book of Genesis).

St. Bonaventure seized my interest with his own account of life as an upward journey in one of my favourite books: “Journey of the Mind to God“:

the material universe is a ladder by which we may ascend to God”.

St. Bonaventure goes on to describe three ways we can seek God – remarkable in their clarity and accessibility.

1. “First…we must pass through vestiges which are corporeal and temporal and outside us” (he means “nature”!)

2. “Next we must enter our mind, which is the image of God, an image which is everlasting, and spiritual and within us”

3. “Finally we must go beyond to what is eternal, most spiritual and beyond us.”

I find that so amazing:

  1. Find God through appreciating the beauty, awesomeness, otherness, power, peacefulness (and more) of nature
  2. Find God through understanding the power of the human mind to think beyond time, to reason, to understand, to empathise (and more)
  3. Find God through what transcends this world: heaven and eternity

Do all three ring true with you, or one especially, or none at all?

What follows is one of a number of poems I have written, inspired by St. Bonaventure:


The three

Ways of seeing


Firstly the world about us

our senses perceive


Secondly the soul within

which only the spirit knows


Thirdly the mind

venturing beyond itself


Into new worlds

unseen and unknown.

outsidewithinbeyond JTG2