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The Spiritualities of Christianity – Spiritual Conflict

Bosch, 'The Temptation of St. Anthony" Spirituality can be about silence, inner peace and universal love.  But it can also be about conflict: temptations, trials, doubts, pain and death. Bosch’s painting “The Temptations of St. Anthony” (above)explores this well.  St. Anthony is actually alone in the desert, praying.  But he is not alone.  His world … Continue reading The Spiritualities of Christianity – Spiritual Conflict

What Visions?

What voices come to speak in the mind caught up in prayer   In visions of the saints and Christ himself in conversation?   How dare we interpret the inexplicable claims of faith?   The numinous creates a dilemma to be confronted by doubt or devotion   And who can theologise themselves out of that … Continue reading What Visions?