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That Was My Genesis

God made both spirit

And body


The inner

And outer soul


God knew me furled

In the womb


Calling from darkness

To light


And that was

My genesis


The beginning

Of my personal world.


Image by Eric Michelat from Pixabay

Journey Through The Darkness

I journeyed through the dark streets

through many days of advent 

And arrived at a place

of still greater darkness 

And in the darkness there came a vision

It was not the brightness of Christmas lights


Or the glory of angels

But the communication of God


Pregnant with meaning

wrapped in a newborn babe. 



Connect With All That Links The Soul

God is

In all things


God was

In darkness


And in



The silent voices

Speaking to me


In bleak and blank



To leave the solitary



Connect with all

That links the soul


To infinities

Of consolation


The blessing

Of the spirit’s life


And my



Image by Михаил Нечаев from Pixabay

The Turning

Sometimes there is a turning

To darkness


A fleeing

From the light


When the spirit longs

For a freeing


From the night

Of selfhood


From only-ness

The loneliness


Of a sole existence

Touch my spirit now


With those rays

Of bright hope


Those ways

Of love and gentleness


Those journeyings

To peace.


“Touch my spirit now”

Spiritual Reflection: On Being a Spiritual Person – Vocation


My vocation encompasses my being, my thinking, my planning, my decisions, the words I say and everything I do.  It encompasses everything.  And it is a vocation, because it is a life I am called to. 

“God called you out of darkness into his wonderful light”  

1 Peter 2:9

But even though the vocation and the light is wonderful, it is clear that I am not “wonderful” all the time.  Human error, past hurts, shortcomings, character flaws, selfishness, moodiness – these all take their toll on my vocation, so my being, my thinking, my planning, my decisions, the words I say and everything I do is often not what I would want it to be if I really was completely out of darkness and a being of total light. 

So vocation creates a powerful tension in the spiritual life: a tension between being a person with faults and failures, and being a person called to praise and pray, laugh and love. 

To help me, I have disciplines, beliefs, values, choices, grace, nurture and relationships, experience and nature – and these are for another post. 

Free to Choose

Free to choose

            to remain in darkness


Or move nearer

            the light of love


Which now shines

            so brightly


Regardless or not

            of our acceptance.


from ‘Returning to the Father’, a sequence inspired by Henri Nouwen’s book about Rembrandt’s painting of Jesus’ parable of The Prodigal Son