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Purpose and Existence


Each life

A contribution


Of a human soul

To the whole


Purpose of existence

And whether we move


Closer to Love

Divine realisation


The flowering

Of our new creation.


“A contribution of a human soul
To the whole purpose of existence”

Spiritual Reflection: The Stairway to Heaven

You may or may not know this beautiful painting by William Blake


…or this older icon…


The both take up a very ancient idea that goes back thousands of years: “he saw a stairway resting on the earth, with its top reaching to heaven, and the angels of God were ascending and descending on it” is another version (Jacob’s dream, from The Book of Genesis).

My interest in this rekindled when I re-read this:

“the material universe is a ladder by which we may ascend to God”.

St. Bonaventure goes on to describe three ways we can seek God – remarkable in their clarity and accessibility:

  1. “First…we must pass through vestiges which are corporeal and temporal and outside us” (he means “nature”!)
  2. “Next we must enter our mind, ,which is the image of God, an image which is everlasting, and spiritual and within us”
  3. “Finally we must go beyond to what is eternal, most spiritual and beyond us.”

I find that so amazing:

  1. Find God through appreciating the beauty, awesomeness, otherness, power, peacefulness (and more) of nature
  2. Find God through understanding the power of the human mind to think beyond time, to reason, to understand, to empathise (and more)
  3. Find God through what transcends this world: heaven and eternity

I hope you also find this image of the ladder, and St. Bonaventure’s “three ways” inspiring.

Do all three ring true with you, or perhaps one especially?

I wrote this poem, inspired by St. Bonaventure’s ideas:

The three

Ways of seeing

Firstly the world about us

our senses perceive

Secondly the soul within

which only the spirit knows

Thirdly the mind

venturing beyond itself

Into new worlds

unseen and unknown.

outsidewithinbeyond JTG2


As if there were

No connections


I shrivelled

And died


To a careless world

As a way of staying alive


Now I know more

Of creation


I seek the art

To thrive


In God

In love


In appreciation

Where I


Have discovered

True life.


“In appreciation
Where I have discovered true life”