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Looking Beyond (7) – Connecting with Nature

I had already started to look beyond scepticism (see Looking Beyond - 6) through my own experiences. Having discovered the poetry of Thomas Hardy, William Wordsworth and Emily Dickinson, I discovered a feeling for nature. Whilst struggling with scepticism at university, I used to cycle out to the fields to find some peace, and I … Continue reading Looking Beyond (7) – Connecting with Nature

Spiritual Reflection: Connections and connnectedness

Richard Rohr writes about “Disconnection from God…from ourselves … from each other, and from our world.”The Divine Dance I discovered a connectedness with nature early in life: We see this connectedness in great spiritual texts, too: 'Then God said, “Let us make humankind in our image, according to our likeness ... So God created humankind in … Continue reading Spiritual Reflection: Connections and connnectedness

Inspiring Poems: “Tintern Abbey”

Inspiring Poems: “Tintern Abbey”

In his book "Immortal Diamond", Richard Rohr says that "We are made for transcendence". I can still vividly remember reading these lines for the first time as a teenager in my bedroom in Wandsworth, London.  They took me out and away from suburban life and into this very sens of the transcendent : . “These beauteous … Continue reading Inspiring Poems: “Tintern Abbey”

Connect With All That Links The Soul

. God is In all things . God was In darkness . And in Mystery . The silent voices Speaking to me . In bleak and blank Experience . To leave The solitary soul . Connect with all That links . To infinities Of consolation . The blessing Of the spirit's life . And long … Continue reading Connect With All That Links The Soul