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You Led Me Beyond

~ You led me beyond City streets ~ To sunrise skies And forms ~ That filled life-giving Imagination ~ For beauty And for revelation. ~ A tribute to the poetry of William Wordsworth, with this poem by Wordworth particularly in mind: My heart leaps up when I behold⁠A Rainbow in the sky:So was it when … Continue reading You Led Me Beyond

Inspiring Poems: “Tintern Abbey”

Inspiring Poems: “Tintern Abbey”

In his book "Immortal Diamond", Richard Rohr says that "We are made for transcendence". I can still vividly remember reading these lines for the first time as a teenager in my bedroom in Wandsworth, London.  They took me out and away from suburban life and into this very sens of the transcendent : . “These beauteous … Continue reading Inspiring Poems: “Tintern Abbey”

So Many Souls

Although the approach Was triumphal . He wept At the sight . Of the sorrows And the pleasures . Of the city That centre . Without A centre . A busyness With no meaning . So many souls Without a purpose . Still not seeking Their God. . From Lk 19.28-44 . Image by Nina … Continue reading So Many Souls

I Did Not Rise By Hills

  I did not rise By hills   But by Revelation   The word Transported   From eternity To mortality   In a book Transporting me   From suburbs Of city streets   To a more transcendent Spirituality.   Inspired by William Wordsworth:             DEAR native regions, I foretell,           … Continue reading I Did Not Rise By Hills