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Soul of Life

A child of God



Of human






By the one

Who is


The key

Of consciousness


And the soul

Of life.


Inspired by https://stonycliffsrockbadgers.wordpress.com/2017/09/05/the-prologue-part-one/


Image by Xpics from Pixabay

Disciple to the Edge of Heaven

That felt need

A childish illusion


Now adulthood

Has come


And I can count

A rich profusion


Of blessings

Graces given



From my prior delusion



To the edge of heaven.


“Disciple to the edge of heaven”
Inspiring Paintings: Like a Child 

Inspiring Paintings: Like a Child 

This amazing painting by Giotto captures the dramatic moment when St. Francis of Assisi (on the right, naked) throws off all his clothes in protest to his father (being restrained on the left), who was a rich merchant.

Francis says that he will from now on only follow his “heavenly father” (you can see the hand of God at the top of the painting).

I love the expression on the bishop’s face (who covers up Francis), the children front left who are caught up in the drama without really understanding what is going on, the onlookers, who probably also weren’t exactly sure what was going on apart from a domestic row, and the way Giotto uses the building to highlight the conflict between the two parties.

I wrote this poem about this moment in Francis’ life, captured so beautifully by the painting:

The bishop holds him

like a child


And in his nakedness

we see our own condition


Without impressiveness

without pretence



to grace.