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Blazing in Your Soul

Blazing in Your Soul

Be absorbed in that blessed love . Blazing in your Soul . That fires such sweetness  Such devotion . Know nothing But that heavenly song . Flaming in your Heart                         . In endless Celebration. .

Sacred Light

. O sacred light O great and sacred blessedness . The heavens inflame My soul to seek his name . The burning sun Reveals his might . O life divine             That all this sacred wealth is mine! . Inspired by the writing of Thomas Traherne. Below: one of the "Traherne Windows" in Hereford Cathedral

Inspiring Psalms (7) – Blessed!

. Praise be to God who trains me in my art . He is my loving God and my deliverer The one in whom I take refuge . O God, what are human beings that you care for them Men and women that you think of them? . We are all just a breath Our days are … Continue reading Inspiring Psalms (7) – Blessed!