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Inspiring Poems – “All within be livelier than before”

I recently posted a poem I wrote about ageing (called 'The Joy of Creation') which was inspired by a poem by George Herbert. Here is the original Herbert poem, called "The Forerunners": The harbingers are come. See, see their mark: (harbingers=messengers) White is their color, and behold my head.But must they have my brain? Must … Continue reading Inspiring Poems – “All within be livelier than before”

For the Joy of Creation

. See my first grey hairs have come but will they also take my brain? . Can I not remain in writing fine and witty? . Sure, my God would not care so as long as my verses still contain . You are still my God at heart, which is the richest part . And … Continue reading For the Joy of Creation

Eyes, Old Eyes

This was one of the first poems I ever wrote that I still think is worth preserving. It was written whilst I was still a teenager, as will be apparent, and is the first poem in my collection "First Words". Eyes, old eyes those gazing, fading places whose curving surface is disturbed . Reflections, places … Continue reading Eyes, Old Eyes