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Desert Silence

I came to the desert silence
and prayed for purpose


The vultures of the mind
circled within


I waited for the silence to settle
for inspiration to gather


Opening the door I see mountains
spreading from the distance


Some of them

may be moved.


desertsilence prayedforpurposeTC

The Descent

Descend lower

to the world darker


Than the shadow

of the valley of humiliation


To a placelessness

of no name


Where the soul seems about to dissolve

into meaninglessness


Here the world

and what I valued


Had little relevance

and significance reversed


In the emptiness

there is silence


And in the silence, voices can be heard

calling, insistently, critically, temptingly


And all I could do

Was pray


And there in the darkness

Was Death


And there in the darkness

Was God


And what was required

Was a kind of resurrection


To emerge

In a new kind of life.

from ‘The Calling’

resurrection TC

Journey in a Dream

I lay down in the field

               and slept by a silent stream


And one like a shepherd

               appeared in a dream


Calling for me

To follow


I knew his voice

               he led me through


A valley of darkness

               where his ways


Were a light for my feet

and though other voices assailed me


I came at last to a meadow

where already there were many sheep


He smiled and opened the gate

               a gesture to enter and graze.


Inspired by Psalm 23

Beyond the Planets


Beyond the planets

are those who have seen


More of horror and distress

than you are able to imagine –


Each year the lightness flickers

from solstice to solstice


And we plough on

determined in each our separate furrows


Driven by the desire

for completion this time.


Does God look on in mercy

call to us from the stars


To stop, stand and stare,

read in the beauty of the constellations


A destiny that involves

rising to a new life of dreams


Beyond the conception

of the toiling world?


risenewlife dreamsTC