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Bow To The Light You See In The Other


Bow to the light

You see in the other


With eyes

Of faith


And heart

Of brother


Bow to neighbour

Bow to stranger


Pray for enemy

And friend


Bow as if to father



But bow to the light

You perceive in another.


Conversio Morum*



Of life


An onward



To what is

Beyond now





That future



Like a rising



Will create

New light


For which

We now run.


*”conversio morummeans “conversion of life” and is used in Benedictine spirituality (see the link below)

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Spiritual Reflection: Life's Purpose – Virtue and Spirituality

“Virtue enables a person to protect and foster all that is best in their lives”

“Virtue enables people to work with conviction and for the good of others”

These quotations come from Abbot Christopher Jamison’s wonderful book Finding Sanctuary, and this post draws on his ideas about virtue and Benedictine spirituality as way to discover a deeper “life’s purpose”.

What is virtue? Jamison quotes the Rule of St. Benedict:

“One who…is just in all his dealings, who speaks the truth from his heart and has not practised deceit with his tongue”

In other words:

The way you lead your daily lifeYour day-to-day dealings with other people

I love the down-to-earthness of the virtuous spiritual life that he describes. He goes on to say

The ordinary decencies of human life are crucial to the spiritual search

Virtue protects us:

“It prevents the vices sweeping us away into a busy whirl of chasing corrupt fantasies”

And, positively,

“Virtue is the recognition of the sacred in daily life”

Finding Sanctuary invites us to discover the saced in everyday life.

Jamison’s words recently inspired this poem in which I tried to capture this sense of the sacred in everyday life:


All of life is sacred

So do not preach


That it is beyond

All reach


Of each

It is a growing recognition


That life’s purpose

Can be found


In silence

And in soulful dedication.