Category: Returning to the Master

Step into the Centre

Have you ever
Dared to step

Into the centre,
Kneel down,

Allow love
To permeate

Every pore
Of your soul?


The Fire Transforms


There is a light

That grows


From an inner



A fire

That never dies


The fire

Of love


And however blind

Is the old soul


The fire



All spirit

To beauty.


Inspiring Paintings: Returning to the Father (3)

This beautiful painting, and Henri Nouwen’s profound book of the same name, inspires me again and again.  The collections “Returning to the Father” and “Returning to the Master” (links at top of site) are also both inspired by the same source. 

At the



Of eternity

And worldly life


Gentle hands

Warm a sobbing body


And human

And divine