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Publication of “Returning to the Father”

This volume of poems is now available to purchase for £5 (GBP) before postage.

I contribute £2 (GBP) to Street Pastors, Shrewsbury, for each sale.

If you would like to purchase, please follow this link:


Inspiring Paintings: The Return – Rembrandt b. 15th July, 1606


This painting is so powerful that Henri Nouwen, another of my “inspirers”, wrote a whole book about it…


At first sight, you might miss the amazing contrast of darkness and light, and the way the light bathes the loving father and the sorrowful son.

It’s easy to miss the hand of the father, that hold the son so tenderly.  Is one a man’s hand and one a woman’s hand?

And it’s easy to miss the shattered shoe of the son.  He has been through the mill.  He has walked a long way.  He has been humiliated.  And now he has returned.

I wrote a whole collection based on Henri Nouwen’s book about this painting, called Returning to the Father, and I post a few poems from this collection below:

On the darkness and the light:


Hidden for so long

the light glowed brighter


As the years removed

the layers of darkness


Flesh begins to fail

and spirit starts to show more clearly


It is time to live seriously

touch with hands of blessing


All fragile holy things

that come in need of love.


On the son’s long walk home:


On the long walk home

I prepared my explanation many times

I could justify

every wrong I ever did


I could not think his heart to be so great

it could simply forgive


And how could I accept

that moment of complete

overwhelming of the soul

by an impossible love?


The full title of the painting is The Return of the Prodigal Son

It is based on this parable in Luke 

Henri Nouwen’s book is called The Return of the Prodigal Son : A Story of Homecoming