Category: Journeying with Hesse

Blessing by Being

Sustain by your presence

By spirit and by song


Be there

Accompanying on the journey


Blessing by being

And by a simple smile


The affirmation

Of the purpose


Of the unique

Inner soul.


Image by daisukeeee on Pixabay

The Other Side

Children stand

One side of despair


And on the other

The awakened know


That only through discipline

Virtue, justice, understanding


And love

Is the darkness conquered.


Mysterious Consolation

We travelled

In the dark


Not knowing

Our ultimate destination


Yet within

Was something stronger


Faith in the meaning

And the purpose of action


And though there were times

Of silent desperation


God was the source

Of this mysterious consolation.


Beyond the Everyday


One thing after another

points to what’s wonderful


And beyond the realm

of the everyday


It may be a sunrise

or vision so beautiful


It may be beyond

what any can say


It may be the silence

or words so truthful


They disciple your heart-ache

on a spiritual way.


beyond JWH