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Created From the Stars

~ You are Created ~ From the universe From the stars ~ And also from earth From the matter ~ That lies Around us ~ With kinship With the animals ~ And the trees And also are ~ A child Of God ~ Who develops So subtly ~ Towards Your destiny. ~ Image by Bruno … Continue reading Created From the Stars

You Led Me Beyond

~ You led me beyond City streets ~ To sunrise skies And forms ~ That filled life-giving Imagination ~ For beauty And for revelation. ~ A tribute to the poetry of William Wordsworth, with this poem by Wordworth particularly in mind: My heart leaps up when I behold⁠A Rainbow in the sky:So was it when … Continue reading You Led Me Beyond

Let Your Thinking Be Slow

Let your thinking Be slow Like the trees That grow Through hundreds Of years Yet root through storms And last Let your mind Revolve Like a distant planet Rotating around a sun Whose revolutions Last more than a lifetime And change Everything. Inspired by Chris Lovie-Tyler's post: