Go to an Inner Garden

Go to an Inner Garden

(Always Beyond Defeat cycle #11)

In agony

He prays

As we do too


Except perhaps in “Help!”

Or simply “O my God!”

The knowledge

Of tragedy

Sometimes seems

Too much to bear

Can we go to an inner garden

And meet God there?


This is the next in a cycle of poems inspired by scenes from the life of Christ depicted in the Lady Chapel at Hereford Cathedral. Previous poems appear under today’s window image…


Here is the full cycle of poems to date…


Spirit flies

Into her womb

On a ray

Of light

And angel says

All will be right

Even blessing

Beyond the tomb.



Two women greet

Their bodies carry suns


Each will meet



In different forms

Of sacrifice and joy


And yet for now

They can rejoice


They will bring to birth

A blessed boy.



When kings

Or mystics arrive

You know

It must be God

They blamed the star

So far

From your everyday

Motherly concerns

Except that life

Only ever


Belongs to us

So much is beyond






Sometimes the heavens open

And there is love

Not rain

Though water brings life

They say

And the voice

Which names us beloved

Will say these words

Of blessing

Again, and again,

And again.



A meeting

At a well

She could tell

A few stories

But didn’t need to

He knew them all

And that real love

Would rise for ever

And fill her life

So well.





Always healing

And blessing


Teach us to be kind

Heart, body, spirit, mind.



“Allow the little children

To come,” he said

Though others

Try to stymie this

Burnt out

Quite exhausted

Yet love kept rising

In his heart

To bless all little ones –

How we all must start.



When demons

Step out of the darkness

And become legion

It is then

We need a powerful word

Above the storms

The crying, the shrieks

Still now sometimes heard.




To wash their feet

No heroic feat

That would ever make the news

But a hands on demonstration

Of love’s practical

Compassionate dedication.



Passover meal

And always in real


The one who betrays

Who once belonged

Gashes the wronged

With devilish

Selfish ways.



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