Creation Here Thrives

Creation Here Thrives

Traherne Windows Cycle #3

Creation here thrives –

The swifts

The beetle, so magnificent

The moths

The humble ant –

Each speaks

Their word from God

Which is alive.

This is the next poem in the Traherne Windows Cycle, which was inspired by stained glass windows in Hereford Cathedral by Tom Denny, celebrating the writings and life of Thomas Traherne the poet, spiritual writer and Herefordshire holy man. Previous poems continue after today’s image.


The full cycle to date is here…


All our childhoods are here –

You’ll find

One lost in wonder

While others play

And an onlooker

Watches it all

And who knows

What passes in the elder’s mind?


The Traherne Windows, Hereford Cathedral


Receive in wonder

Like a child

The glistening colours

Of creation

Dancing on the cobblestones

Of your imagination.



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