30 Spiritual Themes – 21st – Open

30 Spiritual Themes – 21st – Open


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Why him

why him

why him?


Because it seems God chose

One so foolish and so poor


To show that

Only openness


To God

Is enough.


This blog is named after St. Francis of Assisi – the “Poverello” (little poor man), and this poem comes from a sequence inspired by his life.

Some of his followers asked themselves – “Why him?” Why was Francis the leader of their order?

He certainly asked himself this question many times.

I see an openness in him – to others, to God, to his fellow man and woman, to his fellow creatures and the whole created world.  An openness to believe.  An openness to trust.  An openness to change.

One who seemed so foolish, and was so poor. 

And yet he changed the world.

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