Inspired by Joy, and also by Failure…

“Life is a mosaic, made up of small pieces of human experience common to us all but lived uniquely by each one of us”

This comes from a beautiful and profound book written by Joan Chittester called “There is a Season“.

She inspired me to understand the sequences of life’s experience in a new way, and I wrote this:


Journeying from one season

To another,


Soul travels

The way of life,



Its inner colours


Like the flowers,

Like the leaves.


changingcolours CHITTESTER

Her book is a series of meditations on an amazing piece of artwork created by John August Swanson, which you can view here.

The work is based on words from The Book of Ecclesiastes, which is sometimes seen as a gloomy text, but Chittester manages to find inspiration time and time again.  Even feath and failure can lead to life, she says, which inspired this:



Made a new beginning


In loss

I found a living way


Death was a gate

To wisdom and hope


Life comes from somewhere

Again and again and again.


gatewayhope CHITTESTER

She goes on to write about the wonders of joy, which inspired the last two pieces of my poetry I will include in this post.



is a taste of the timeless



into the present



from mystery


Whose destination’s



Whose moment

is ecstasy


A flapping

of wings


And then

joy has flown.

joytastetimeless CHITTESTER



Joys fly to us

like the angels


But if we close

our minds


They sing

for a while


Then hasten




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